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4 in 4 CSM Veterans memorial ride
virtual challenge

Step One:  Accept the Challenge

Your challenge:  REGISTER to Conduct the Four Rides to four different Veterans Memorials in Lyon County before 11/11/2021!

Unable to get to Lyon County?  Pick four Veterans Memorials in your region to visit. Rules are still the same - 4 rides prior to 11/11/2021.  Send us links or routes and we'll post them as well on our national map of Veterans Memorial Rides.  Routes can be anywhere in the world!  Challenge ends on Veterans Day  November 11, 2021.

chris n 1.jpeg

Step Two:  Plan, Complete and Record Your Rides

Plan, complete and share your four rides! If you live in Lyon County Kansas here are links to four different rides to complete your challenge!

Here are your four ride routes for Lyon County, Kansas:

Emporia -


Olpe -

Hartford -

Step Three:  Email your Info to Emporia Main Street and the Freedom Fest Committe:

To validate your four rides send us the following:

1.  A screenshot or email of your route, time, date, and distance. 

2.  A photo of you at each Veterans Meorial that you visited. 

Submit your route info and pics to: 
Jessica at: mainstreet2@emporia-gov  AND
Steve at:

Step Four:  Receive your CSM Challenge Coin! (and brag/share your coolness on Social Media)

Upon completion we'll send you your CSM Challenge Coin and Certificate of Completion/Coolness!

LINK to CSM Challenge Photo Gallery

Veterans Memorial Rides (submitted by CSM Challenge participants not in Lyon County)

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