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KANSAS PROUD! Vigilance Martial Arts 
12 MILER Run or Ruck

2022 On-site or Virtual Run or Ruck 12 Miler

We are back!  Run or Ruck 12 miles to support the USD 252 Honor Veterans Honor Flight!  Our sponsor is Vigilance Martial Arts led by KSARNG Aviation Veteran Ray Baquero andhis Company Vigilance Martial Arts.

The 12 miler is a great training opportunity as well if you plan on doing the infamous Baatan Memorial Death March in New Mexico!

For those rucking you can go heavy or light. 


Heavy Category:  
If you are doing the Heavy Ruck March we encourage you to fill your rucksack with at least 30lbs of food to be donated to your local food pantry/charity upon completion of the event.  Heavy category requires your Rucksack to weigh 35lbs or more at start AND finish. The goal is to complete the Ruck March in under THREE HOURS.  

Light Category: 
Come as you are ready to run or throw on any gear that you want to use or wear!  Most light runners/ruck marchers throw on a camelback to have water throughout the 12 miler course and training weight.

Doing the Virtual Challenge?  If possible have your route go by your favorite Veterans/Military memorial or site!  Send us a pic and we'll post it on our freedom fest social media pages.

This event supports USD 252 South Lyon County Veterans Honor Flight Program.


2022 Route / Map

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