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  • What is the Freedom Run?
    Freedom Run is a 5K or 1 Mile run, walk or stroll for all abilities and age groups. Route starts and finishes at the All Veterans Memorial. Route is over a variety of road conditions to include pavement, gravel and hard packed roads. The Freedom Run was our first event when we started the Freedom Fest in 2002. Prizes are given to top three male and female finishers in each age category as well as custom trophies for top three male and female overall.
  • Will bad weather cancel the event?
    If we receive any significant ice on the courses we may canel the event. There ar no even refunds due to weather cancellation. Visit the site often for updates. If you are in town listen to KVOE radio stations (101.7 FM or 1400 AM) for updates as well.
  • When is the 2020 Freedom Fest and Freedom Run?
    The 2020 Freedom Run will be held Nov 7, 2020
  • When does 2020 Registration Open?
    Midnight the 1st of August each year for all Freedom Fest events
  • What are the Gravel City Adventure Freedom Rides?
    Get your gravel road tough bicycle ready! There are two routes, the SGT Timmerman 16 Mile Ride and the and IKE 40 mile Freedom Rides: Participants can choose to enjoy a leisurely ride of 16 or 40 miles through the beautiful Flint Hills. You can ride just for fun and for personal self development. All Freedom Ride participants who register on or before Friday, October 20th, will receive the 2018 Freedom Fest shirt. All Freedom Ride finishers will receive a customized event item to remember their ride.
  • Is this a race?
    The Timmerman and Eisenhower rides are bicycle gravel road pleasure or endurance challenges. Good bike choices include: Gravel-specific bikes, Cros bikes, or Fatbikes. While you can certainly ride a full-suspension mountain bike, and many have, we would not recommend it. You don't need the added weight or complexity for this event. Learn more about gravel road riding by visiting our partners at Gravel City Adventures or our fellow in-town gravel riding experts at the GARMIN DIRTY KANZA. This is not a competitive ride but a great set of rides to prepare for longer endurance challenges.
  • What are the Memorial Training Rides?
    A fun and unique way to prepare for your IKE or Timmerman rides is to complete the four Lyon County History Center Veterans Memorial Rides. These routes are posted on our Freedom Ride page at These four separate routes take you throughout Lyon County Kansas to visit amazing scenerey an impressive monuments and memorials dedicated to our military service member. Learn more about the Lyon County History Center training rides.
  • Is there an age requirement for the race?
    Due to the use of pyrotechnics participants must be 16 years of age or older an have a waiver release from a parent/guardian if under 18 year of age.
  • What is a Spur Challenge?
    Derived from the Army Spur Ride tradition, the Will to Win Spur challenge is a timed and skill based tri-event that grew out of a partnership between the members of of the Emporia Main Street Freedom Fest Committee, and the directors of the Dirty Kanza (Dirty Kanza Promotions) Jim Cummins and LeLan Dains. Our joint vision is to provide a premier event that mingles veterans, current members of the military, and community in a challenging series of events resulting in the award of a unique cavalry spur. Participants must complete a 5K Run, then a 40 mile gravel ride followed by a Spur Readiness Test. Total time for the 5K run and the 40 mile rid allowed is 220 minutes. Time stops during the spur readiness test but you may get bonus time subtraced or penalty time added based on your performance at the spur readiness portion of the challenge. At 2pm race day Spur Challenge candidates who succefully complete the challenge receive their silver spur, OR a leather tab for each successive completion (2-4). Spur Challenge candidates who complete their fifth challenge will receive the 1845 Replica Gold Cavalry Spur. All successful completers of the Spur Challenge are inducted as auxillery members of the 635th Armor Order of the Spur. Learn more
  • Will the course be marked?
    Course maps and cue sheets will be provided via electronic file or print sheets prior to the event. Each rider should print his/her own maps and cues before leaving home. In addition, we MIGHT have a limited number of course markings to ensure riders they are still on course. However, riders should use the maps and cues provided as their primary means of navigation. You should also bring a compass
  • Can I use a GPS for the ride?
    Yes, for the ride portion of the Gravel City/635th Spur Rid we will provie riders with link to a download file. Riders will hae the optino of utizling their peronsal gps unit to navigate the course. No GPS coordinates are provided for the run but the run course will be marked.
  • Do I need a support crew?
    This is your choice. We encourage you to not come without one. If you get lost, hurt, or just plain worn out and want to quit, we will not come get you. The DK Spur Ride is a self-supported event. that means YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! Don't expect someone you don't know to save you... You need to hae a well thought-out emergency backup plan that includes at least one support crew person to come and get you should you need help.
  • Will I be allowe to receive any outside assistance during the Spur Ride?
    Rider may receive assistance from their personal support crew at the All Veterans Memorial only. Receiving outside support at any point other than the AVM will result in immediate disqualificaiton. Spur Ride Challengers may assist other Spur Ride candidates by an means at any time and this buddy-aid is encouraged.
  • Can my support crew follow me along the route?
    Support crews are not allowed on the course except to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event. The 635th Will to Win Spur Challenge is all about self-sufficiency and resiliency. Have to dode cars compromises this esperience for our participants. If a support crew is found to be on the course and not picking up their Rider that candidate will be disqualified from the event.
  • Will I get a flat tire?
    This course weaves through the southern Lyon County Flint Hills along gravel and dirt roads. These roads have limestone and flint rock. Flint rock is notorious for cutting tires. If your tires are in good condition ou should not have any trouble but carry plenty of tubes a patch kit and a good pump just in case!
  • Why hold a 10 Mile Run or Walk?
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  • What is a 12 Mile Ruck March?
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  • How do I register for any Freedom Fest Events?
    Registration opens midnight the 1st of August each year. Visit our FB page or throughout the year for planning updates.
  • What if there is bad weather the day of Freedom Fest?
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  • Can I pick up my race bib and packet at the race?
    Yes, BUT, know that it will be crowded and the pickup table opens at 8am. Most races start at 930 so plan accordingly. There is no advanced pickup or mail out bib and packet at this time.
  • Do race day events sell out?
    At this time we are still taking registrations. Note that race day registrations are discouraged in case the line is too long and you miss your start!
  • What information do I need to pick up my packet?
    You are encouraged to bring a photo id. You shoul also bring your race registration email in case of errors or omissions.
  • Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
    You may have someone else pick up your packet. In order to do so, you mustr have a photocopy of the registration confirmation email for that person(s).
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  • Is there a lost and found?
    Lost and found is located at the registration/check in table(s)
  • Where do we park?
    Parking is located at Soden's Grove park directly across the street from the All Veterans Memorial. Overflow parking is along commercial street, adjacent to the Emporia Zoo or at Hetlingers.
  • What is the "Inclement Weather" plan? "
    If we receive any ice on the course or lightning we may cancel/delay all events. Tune in to KVOE family of radio stations (1400 AM, 101.7 FM, 104.9 FM) for the latest updates as well as visit There are no refunds ue to weather cancellation.
  • When and where is Emporia Freedom Fest held?
    Emporia Freedom Fest is held the weekend prior to United States of America Veterans Day. it is hel at the All Veterans Memorial Park in Emporia, Kansas - the founding city of Veterans Day. Visit to learn more about the All Veterans Day history and the All Veterans Day Memorial Park. Link to Google Map
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