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5 NOV 2022 (Saturday)

6:00-7:00 AM 

  • Stationing of all equipment and approved vehicles (displays, timing registration, approved vendors etc.)


7:30 AM 

  • Site setup finalize and complete music begins KVOE


8:00 AM -9:00 AM

  • Staging & Announcements for upcoming events

  • Hospitality Table Opens (Coffee, Fruit, Snacks, Water)

  • Check in for all events

8:30 AM

Welcome and Posting of Colors/Pledge of Allegiance

Murph Challenge Opening Ceremony

8:45 AM

  • Staging and Announcements for Freedom Ride/Honor Flight Ride (16/25/40 mi)

  • Check-in for Freedom Fest Open 1st Flight

  • Safety Reminders

8:45 AM

  • Player's Meeting For 9 am Round of Freedom Fest Open

9:00 AM 

  • Freedom Ride /USD 252 Competitors Depart (16/40 mi)

  • USD 252 Veterans Honor Flight Riders Depart (25 mi)

9:15 AM 

  • Freedom Run, Spur Challenge, 12 Miler, and Murph Challenge Line Up (Run/Ruck events)

9:16-9:20 AM (0916-0920 hrs)

  • Emporia High School Drumline 

  • Final Safety Comments

9:20 AM 

  • Final Announcements & Safety


9:25  AM​

  • Emporia High School Drumline

9:30  AM

  • Freedom Run, 12 miler, Spur Challenge (run phase), Murph Challenge (Run phase) depart

9:30-10:00 am

  • Murph Challenge Field Events

  • Spur Challenge (Self Transition to Ride Event)

10:30-11:00 AM  (Estimate)

  • 5K Freedom Run Awards Ceremony @ All Vets Memorial (if you are a runner please stay and support/receive awards!)

  • Disc Golf First Flight Awards Ceremony

11:00 AM 

  • ​10K Freedom Run Awards Ceremony; @ All Vets Memorial (if you are a runner please stay and support/receive awards!)

11:30 AM

16 Mile Timmerman Freedom Ride Awards Ceremony

11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

  • 25/40 Mile Eisenhower Freedom Ride participants returning

  • Spur Readiness Test Begins (event #3 for Spur Ride at the Memorial)

11:45 AM

  • Player meeting for noon round of Freedom Fest Open

12:00 PM

  • Noon round of Freedom Fest Open Begins

  • FOOD TRUCK OPTIONS( VFW 1980 food tent)

1:00 PM 

  • Flight Two Freedom Fest Open Disc Golf Awards

1:30 PM

  • 40 Mile Eisenhower Freedom Ride Awards Ceremony

  • Spur Ride Awards Ceremony

  • Return of Last Riders from Freedom Ride and Spur Ride

2:00 PM 

  • 101st ABN Reenactors Presentation (WWII) (loc TBD)

  • Site clean up and Tear Down UPON COMPLETION OF REENACTMENT.

7:00 - 9:00 PM 

  • KSARNG 137th/635th/778th Emporia Armory Soldier Reunion - for All Soldiers stationed/assigned to  KSARNG Emporia Meet at VFW Post 1980 Emporia, Kansas 


All Day Events:

9:00 am to 3:00 pm  Military Expo a

  • KSARNG Vehicle Displays/EAC Art Mobile

  • Hospitality Table for Competitors

  • Food tent (local charity for purchase)  for All

  • Military History/Reenactors, Equipment and Vehicles


Site Map


Event Maps

1 Mile Family Run/Walk Route Map

5K Freedom Run/Spur Run Route Map

10K Freedom Run/Spur Run Route Map

12 Mile Ruck March Map

Gravel City -Eisenhower 40 Miler/ Will to Win Spur Challenge 40 Mile r

Gravel City-Sgt Timmeran 16 Mile

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